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Top 15 famous muslims who converted to christianity. Craig a dunning this thesis provides the findings of an explanatory case study that utilized elements of ethnographic research to discover effective evangelistic methods being practiced among palestinian muslims in. Kidnapped, raped, humiliated, and forced to convert to islam. In a dramatic and personal narrative style, fadelle reveals the horrible persecution endured by christians living in a violent and hostile muslim world. Believe that god has taken the initiative to reconcile you with him through his work in his son, j. A growing number of muslim refugees in europe are converting to christianity, according to churches, which have conducted mass baptisms in some places. In an interview with the christian post, hickman explained that muslim converts to christianity are far more likely to face adverse consequences than are christian converts to islam. From islam to christianity think biblically biola university. Before the war, it was rare to hear stories of muslims converting to christianity. Gods divine plan for muslim immigrants christianity today.

Muslims are converting to christianity in record numbers. Tell him how you feel, and really open your heart to him, so that he can see how devoted you are, and so that he can help you overcome this challenge and achieve victory. There is a revival in the muslim world, garrison says. It listed 5 main reasons given for becoming muslim. Enjoy a great reading experience when you buy the kindle edition of this book. The price to pay is the true story of joseph fadelles conversion to christianity.

My parents and their forefathers were muslims for generations. He was a speaker with ravi zacharias international ministries rzim from 20 until 2016 and the author of three books, seeking allah, finding jesus. Yet some syrian refugees are converting, despite receiving threats. It was an outward conversion, but in the inside i was still a muslim and the same old person. European churches say growing flock of muslim refugees are.

It is interesting to note that some christian apologists did question nabeel qureshis islamic upbringing. Every christian should read this and convert as many muslims as. List of converts to christianity from islam wikipedia. This high caste lady living in pakistan is nominally muslim although she admits that she does not practice a lot of the requirementsrituals. Muslim converts to christianity after realising the bible. Muslim turned christian shares terrifying, reallife. Recently at world magazine, writer warren cole smith interviewed 25year missionary david garrison who has documented his findings about the muslim phenomenon. William mcelwee miller, ten muslims meet christ, eerdmans, 1969, 1987, 150 pages, isbn 0802846, tells the stories of ten iranian converts. He believes between 2 and 7 million former muslims have converted to christianity in the past two decades. Converting from islam to christianity can be a dangerous thing in the middle east. Nov 30, 1977 i dared to call him father was written by bilquis sheikh, for it was her story about how she, a muslim, met the lord and became his daughter. A devout muslim encounters christianity by nabeel quereshi book. The man left his friends and family almost two weeks ago heading into a mountainous region of the palestinian authority area.

Some muslim outreach strategies now include praying that isa will appear to even more muslims so more will be. When i was born, my father named me after his ancestor, the prophet muhammad. In 1987, he planted a church in san jose, california. In islam changing ones religion is a crime, and muhammads family does everything possible to make him renounce his new faith in christ. Your decision to convert revert to islam should be based on knowledge, certainty, acceptance, submission, truthfulness, and sincerity. He risks everythingfamily, friends, his inheritance and home, and even his lifein order to follow christ. The report reveals what most people already know, but many choose to turn a blind eye to, about what muslims all over the middle east and north africa typically lose if they convert to. She says, if you want to get a firstperson take on what its like to live in a muslim world and understand the worldview underpinning the militant islamic world, and the passages used to support, this book will help. I attended national schools, which are proislamic, from elementary to high school and even to.

These can range from the loss of a job and social and familial ostracism to beatings, imprisonment, and. Jan 19, 2015 extraordinary stories about massive number of muslims converting to christ are appearing around the world. His book seeking allah, finding jesus, i think, for many christians was a bridge to connect with the world of islam and learn more about what muslims believed, chitwood said. If you have access to the scriptures read jesuss prayer in the book of john chapter 17.

Jul 09, 2017 even though she grew up in a muslim family and under sharia, she found christianity to be her true faith. Muslim converts to catholic christianity the coming home. Jul 28, 20 on her first point, while its true that elements of the quran have been emphasized at the expense of others by various muslim schools and sects, thats also happened with christianity. But his conversion could also allow barbari to stay in germany. The christian friend as a significant factor in conversion. Jan 19, 2018 read muslim woman converts to christianity, influences 1,500 others for christ and more breaking christian news headlines from around the world. Those are a few of the books id suggest checking out. They were popping up everywhere as individuals, in families and within small. Significant numbers of muslims convert to christianity in afghanistan, albania, azerbaijan, algeria, bangladesh. Her faith in jesus christ, the son of god, came through reading the gospels. Mar 21, 2020 opinion kidnapped, raped, humiliated, and forced to convert to islam. This dramatic testimony tells the firstperson perspective of how a muslim convert came to the saving knowledge of jesus christ as lord and savior. Iranians are converting to evangelical christianity in.

Imad uddin lahiz was an islamic writer, preacher and quranic translator, who converted to christianity from islam. Amir sjarifuddin prime minister of indonesiaamir was born in indonesia. Khalids story and he said to them, go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. More to be desired than gold, true stories told by christy wilson, gordonconwell theological seminary, isbn 0964091011, with several dozens of short testimonies. A muslims remarkable conversion to catholicism the.

She made a decision to convert, and dedicated her life to helping children, and ended up. Albans english templar knight who converted to islam from christianity in 1185 and led an army for saladin against the crusaders in jerusalem 108. Islam s doctrine is simple and rational, all believers are equal, it is a practical religion, and. Khalid mansoor soomro is from the islamic republic of pakistan. In the middle east, muslims converting to christianity is now happening on a large scale. If you want to convert your muslim friend to christianity, you have to tell god first. Muslim convert on miraculous ways god is radically.

A recent article in christianity today aug 20,1990 reported that in the u. As a recent convert from islam to christianity i see where youre coming from. After exploring the church for awhile, for several wrong motives, i decided to convert to christianity and call myself a christian. Sep 17, 2017 why this muslim turnedchristian speaker resonated with so many before his death at 34 nabeel qureshi, who was raised in a muslim american family before converting to christianity. With hundreds of muslim converts, it still remains one of the largest churches of its kind in the u. Nabeel asif qureshi was a pakistaniamerican christian apologist, author, speaker, and convert from the ahmadiyya movement of islam. Born in prepartition india, now pakistan, although her family was muslim, she was sent to a catholic convent school where, through the witness of the sisters, she discovered christianity. List of converts to islam from christianity wikipedia.

Later i also started reading other kinds of islamic books like the life of prophet mohammad, hadiths, etc. Why some muslim syrian refugees are converting to christianity. Some of the noteworthy countries he mentioned include iran, reported to have 3 million christians, and indonesia with reports of 2 million a year converting. Muslim convert to christianity nabeel qureshi speaks to justin brierley about his book answering jihad. Many stories of muslim converts to christianity are of people who already pose a devout faith in their native religion. A devout muslim encounters christianity is a better alternative for those wanting to read books by muslims converted to christianity. Jan 30, 2020 this dramatic testimony tells the firstperson perspective of how a muslim convert came to the saving knowledge of jesus christ as lord and savior. Because these accounts of persecution span different ethnicities, languages, and localesfrom morocco in the west, to indonesia in the eastit should be clear that one thing alone binds them. Christian, former muslim imam says the quran is the reason he converted to christianity, holy quran converted me to christianity, imam, imam accept jesus, imam becomes a christian, imam converts, imam converts to catholicism, imam converts to christ, imam converts to christianity, india, jesus christ, mario joseph, mario joseph. This is a list of 15 famous muslims including prime minister, presidents, famous footballers, who converted to the christian faith and became followers of jesus christ. Sohrab ahmari, muslim iranian convert to catholicism. Leave the internecine fighting among christians aside when talking to muslims. Nabeel quereshis spiritual journey that made him convert from islam. Mar 21, 2017 a soaring number of muslims, many of them refugees from syria, iraq and afghanistan, are converting to christianity, breathing new life into europes once floundering christian churches.

These are men and women who were born and raised muslim and intentionally converted to christianity as adults. Naeem fazal is the author of the recently released book ex muslim which chronicles the north carolinabased pastors conversion from islam to christianity. Before embracing islam, be sure to spend time studying the faith, reading books, and learning from other muslims. Religious conversion is the adoption of a set of beliefs identified with one particular religious denomination to the exclusion of others.

Why this muslim turned christian speaker resonated with so many before his death at 34 nabeel qureshi, who was raised in a muslim american family before converting to christianity. In addition to being a new york times bestseller, seeking allah, finding jesus was awarded the christian book award for the categories of both best new author and best nonfiction of 2015, the first time in award history. According to one of the christian workers of a church in lebanon, many new converts say they had their doubts about islam before they converted. Islamwhether the strict application of islamic sharia law, or the. Muslims all over the world are receiving the gospel of jesus christ and converting to the christian faith. One of them was seth dunn, in which he says while commenting on nabeels contradictory story on having been converted through a dream 6 still, readers should recall that it was originally a muslim apologist who exposed inconsistencies in ergun caners islamic. I conducted research in 201220 on the conversion to christianity of. Seeking allah, finding jesus is a brilliant book with an authentic and challenging message. April, 1983 september 16, 2017 was a pakistaniamerican christian apologist, author, speaker, and convert from the ahmadiyya movement of islam. This book was the first biography given me, the first story i have ever heard on a muslim converting to christianity. Apr 10, 2018 gods divine plan for muslim immigrants. Remember to pray daily and to include your muslim friend. Under islamic law, barbari could be sent to jail in iran for converting to christianity. Thus religious conversion would describe the abandoning of adherence to one denomination and affiliating with another.

Hear the remarkable testimony of florenc lenci mene, who grew up in communist albania, and converted to islam as a teenager, dropped out of school to attend a muslim madrassa full time, and eventually converted to christianity, making the. Amir was born in indonesia in 1907 and died in 1948. Jews and christians, like muslims, are considered to be people of the book who share revealed scriptures perfected in the quran. Muslim woman converts to christianity, influences 1,500. In the early 1990s, she fled as a refugee to sweden. Muhammad tries to convert his roommate, but he is the one who is converted. The book chronicles her life story and how she went from a high class, noble muslim family to a devout christian in pakistan, a country with serious consequences for anyone who would dare to convert. Former muslim imam says the quran is the reason he. Believe that it is not possible working to perfection to be right with god.

Testimonies of more than 70 muslim converts revealed that in addition to the bible and a christian friend, i deleted 100 pages from my book, on islamophobes. Qureshis resulting conversion to christianity was chronicled in his first book, seeking allah, finding jesus. Nabeel also gives suggestions to future converts and those who minister to muslim. Now, the ohio woman is sharing her inspiring story in the new book called \hiding in the light,\ in which she says that god\s love touched her \in such a way where i had to give myself and i couldn\t hold back and i had to leave. Nabeel qureshi, who shared conversion from islam to christianity. Khadijah rivera puerto rican muslim convert from roman catholicism, founder of piedad robert of st. Nabeel had a wonderful gift of encapsulating the reader, making it seem as if they were vicariously living the journey through his eyes. As a recent convert from islam to christianity i see.

Nabeel qureshi tells the powerful story of his journey to jesus, a story that began with a doubtful investigation and ended with a beautiful transformation. Muslim converts to christianity book atheism vs god. The innocence, the conflict, the doubt, and the resultant conversion of a devout muslim to christianity is a tale that leads its readers along a journey of highs and terrible lows. Last month he got baptized and became a christian at trinity lutheran church in berlin. Join us for an indepth interview with a well known christian speaker, author or. Convincing non christians or evangelicals that reformed theology is true, falls under the heading of polemics.

Manigun sayed, muslim convert in manipur born in 1965 and converted to christianity in 1985, from manipur, india mohamed ali seineldin former argentine army colonel who participated in two failed coup attempts against the democratically elected governments of both president raul alfonsin and president carlos menem in 1988 and. His book, a wind in the house of islam, contains impressive research to back up his claim. When talking to muslims stick with what all christians hold in common wherever possible. This was a wonderful book, full of information that will help christians convert muslims. I grew up in an islamic environment from all sides, surrounded by muslims. I have been wahabi or ahlae hadiths like most of the saudi muslims are. This covers the above summary and also points to the promises give to father abraham. But sohrab ahmari, the oped editor for the new york post, has a much. Discover the basic beliefs and values of the religion of islam, largely from a christian perspective, and better understand your neighbor. Omar ibn said writer and scholar of islam, enslaved and deported from present day senegal. Rns for many christians, he was a bridge to islam, shaping what they. Thomas nelson just three weeks after arriving in the united states from kuwait, naeem fazal was at his brothers house one particular evening, ready to get some sleep. Hormoz shariat, head of iran alive ministries iam and founder of the largest muslim convert church in the united states youtubescreengrab. According to islamic law shariah, if a muslim man wishes to marry a non muslim woman other than a christian or a jew, the woman must convert to islam.

Exmuslims suggestion on how to evangelize a muslim. Five questions with a former muslim who converted to christianity. Christian today ran a telling piece, featured below, that originally was published by open doors, australia, a christian advocacy and persecution watchdog. Mar 29, 2018 salman barbari was born in iran to a strict muslim family from afghanistan. Send us the story of your conversion to christianity, so we can publish it in this page.

He was an ardent follower of muhammad until he decided to put a challenge to some christian students at his school. Nabeel qureshi, who shared conversion from islam to. Jan 24, 2019 hear the remarkable testimony of florenc lenci mene, who grew up in communist albania, and converted to islam as a teenager, dropped out of school to attend a muslim madrassa full time, and eventually converted to christianity, making the decision to follow jesus. Muslim converts to christianity after realising the bible is true the. There, she abandoned islam and converted to christianity. Sep 10, 2016 the price of converting to christianity from islam sep 10, 2016 5. Imad uddin lahiz prolific islamic writer, preacher and quranic translator sake dean mahomed was a traveller, surgeon and entrepreneur who converted to christianity from sunni islam. Rifqa bary made the news back in 2009 when she ran away from her muslim family, saying that her family had threatened to kill her for converting to christianity. During his military service, muhammad, a young muslim iraqi from a leading shiite family, discovers to his dismay that his roommate is a christian. For many muslim converts it was the shock of 911 2001 or the iranian. Nabeel qureshi, an author and apologist who wrote about his conversion from islam to christianity in several bestselling books, has died.

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