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Its not a flat shooting round so range will be determined to a great extent by the shooters ability to estimate yardage and know the ballistics of the cartridge. They would soon be made by many european gunmakers, in numerous designs and. Building on colts snake gun legacy, the legendary doubleaction revolver returns in. It would probably be heavy, but how much would an extra pound or so matter to anyone but a backpacker, or someone whos. The first thing an officer requires is a serviceable revolver, one that is safe and reliable, and will function perfectly when his life is in danger. Each of the three guns can also be purchased with two cylinders. I looked at a holagraphic a few years ago at a shooting expo. The following information on bisley shooting competitions comes from the book of the pistol and revolver by hugh b. The result of this is that the steel case is nowhere near as hard as the. This is done to save money, but it is also done because they want the steel to be somewhat pliable ductile the way brass is. This sixshot revolver is ideal for concealed carry or recreational target shooting with the. Magnum 6 pack shooting range handgun case casecruzer.

Gun storage solutions handgun hangers, magazine racks, shelf. The book of the pistol and revolver is also available to purchase in print pistol competitions are held at most rifle clubs, but the great national competition is the national rifle association week at bisley. You wont see any signs at all until the steel breaks. Here i am shooting a hot load in the long barreled smith. I will make sure the chambers are well cleaned after shooting long rifle ammo and before switching to magnums. Ed mcgiverns book of fast and fancy revolver shooting. I definitely want a double action revolver and i want a. Magnum shooting center indoor colorado shooting range. The marlin model 1894 seems to languish in the shadows of the model 336 and model 1895. We carry 44 remington mag caliber rifles for sale in our online gun shop, including hunting rifles, tactical rifles, and more. A firearms battery for novice and intermediate hunters and shooters by chuck hawks. We stock browning blr rifles, remington rifles, marlin rifles, savage rifles, winchester rifles, howa rifles, tikka rifles, ros.

I mostly use a ruger srh in 480 for hunting deer and i would use the same for black bear. My wife opened a shelf in her glass cabinet for some of my knives. Umc 44 magnum 180 grain jacketed soft point, 50 rounds. Hayward pool products otc praher trinity trophy ridge waterco. The story continues with the military use of the model 1917 during wwii, followed. At the 2003 shooting, hunting and outdoor trade shot show, the. For plinking or casual trail use, i feed the mountain gun. Sell your ruger 44 magnum rifles for free today on gunsamerica. This means that the hardest part of carrying a concealed defensive handgun is deciding on the one that will work best for you. Jacketed soft point 240 gr hit right on target but rear sight also has to be on lowest rear sight setting. Is my memory wrong where i thought the thread in the past said no or is he taking a big gamble shooting. This is just a short outtake of everyone shooting the.

Reasons for shooting high or low with factory sights. Firing the super blackhawk 44 magnum revolver youtube. The definitive text on the art of the fast draw by a guy who holds tons of records for trick shooting. Shooting a revolver is different from shooting a pistol.

The taurus model 44 large frame revolver holds 6 rounds of fullpower 44 magnum loads. I knew that i was completely cured when i could shoot a full cylinder of. I, for one, can do about as well on a game target with the. Hepburn revised his model 1889 design with several patentable enhancements with a.

Shop departments shop brands store location about us events shooting ranges employment links store news hyatt farms gunsmithing cerakote training classes store pickup special orders layaway firearms transfers nfa transfers online auctions law enforcement tactical gun. For me, id just split the difference and get a 41 magnum revolver especially since im a 41 mag fan. It falls short in the arena of woods carry and most dont consider it a hunting round. Choosing the best police revolver revolvers for police.

Magnum revolverthe most powerful handgun in the world. Bisley shooting competitions the book of the pistol. Kind of like the 1858 remington capandball revolver and the 20thcentury ruger old army. A firearms battery for novice and intermediate hunters and. This revolver is hammerforged for tough performance and confidenceboosting accuracy, and it comes with a handfitted action and a clean, crisp trigger right out of the box. Smith and wesson most powerful handgun 500 cal magnum. The following information on choosing the best police revolver comes from section 39 of shooting by j. I could do that, if i had enough ammo, and my hand didnt get tired from holding the gun, and if the sun didnt go. I thought that higher velocity was everything i wanted when i started handloading a variety of powders and bullets for a. There is one basic, solid fact that explains why more than six decades after its introduction, the modern 5shot snubnosed revolver still flies off the shelf. The ruger lcr 22 magnum revolver is a light weight compact revolver chambered in.

Barrel porting and a gas expansion chamber help tame the considerable kick normally delivered by magnum ammo, making this gun more comfortable to fire and. This could have a negative effect on ammoseek s ability to. Littledaddy1911 on the range shooting some steel targets with the dan wesson. Do you hate loading your revolver one cartridge at a time. Not uncontrollable, but a followup shot would take more time. Hunting with handguns has been done by many, but few have the expertise under their belt like max prasac, who has decades of experience. Shot from the longer barrel of a rifle, though, the. The rear sight is set on lowest setting but at 50 yards, he is still shooting about 68 inches too high on paper with 44 magnums in semi wadcutters 240 gr. Firing the super blackhawk 44 magnum revolver from 25 and 100 feet. Both rounds seem fine in his revolver but thats obviously at much closer range. This article is in response to a guns and shooting online reader request. Im debating the purchase to get a jump on the potential change in the law for shotgun zones.

The 44 magnum rifle round part 1 real guns a firearm. The same shooting buddy who chickened out after only two rounds in the revolver was cleaning the plate rack at 50 yards time after time and kept asking for. However, i doubt you will be shooting many rounds at the range in one outing. There are more outstanding concealed carry handguns on the market today than at any time in history. One of the first, if not the first handguns to take advantage of the. In this episode, james shoots the ruger super redhawk alaskan in. Weapon handling would be much easier too, because the longer barrel makes the gun frontheavy, giving it better balance. Hey guys, its summer time and i want to see your pictures of you guys shooting your guns.

Languish may be a bit strong, but i thought of the word, kind of liked it, and decided to use it somewhat inappropriately. As an avid reader of survivalblog i know that most preppers like the. It generates a punishing amount of recoil and is not enjoyable for most people shooting at the pistol range. I moved it on to a 44 revolver which would be harder on it that a rifle, no probs, its had s of rounds. Rackem racks 8 rifle shelf display rifle barrel rest. Balance,s very well and can handle all of my handloads. I believe that if you want to shoot prairie dogs with a 44 magnum rifle, you should.

Of course its informative, but its also got surprisingly lively writing. It shoots heavier bullets, better designed for expansion and resultant killing power, at the same or higher velocities. Just message me the pictures and the ones i like ill upload. They have enough power for both hunting and personal defense, and their reliability means that you can rely on them in the field.

So far i only it seems like the leader goes to the ruger k77. The black hawk was a single action revolver and later a double action model, the super red hawk was produced. New in box ruger 7744 compact bolt action rifle, model 7744rs, 44 remington mag caliber, 18 12 blued barrel, walnut stock, sights and rings included the ruger model 7722 was conceived as an elegant smallgame and target rifle a smallbore sporting rifle with universal appeal. Sell your 44 mag rifles for free today on gunsamerica. We are passionate about training and safety for all shooters, and can help every step of the way. Our handgun editor defines a trail gun as one that, with 50 rounds of ammo, will make a package small and light enough that you are unaware of its presence until you need it. Ruger lcr 22 magnum revolver 6shot 22 magnum revolver. This was the primary tenant behind the manufacture of the sig p series of pistols. Like the title says i am thinking about letting my wife buy me one, a ruger blackhawk, i know quite a few people with a 44 magnum but nobody has a 41, what are the pros and cons, other than the price of factory ammo can reload my other thought is a 45 colt. A revolver is a repeating handgun that has a revolving cylinder containing multiple chambers. Basically, the question is what guns to buy, including rifle, handgun and shotgun, and in what order. I have topped it with a fixed 2 12 power redfield scope and have taken a few deer with it.

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